2021 Resolutions


RS2021-15 ROW Maintenance and Mowing
RS2021-14 Entering Into An Agreement With Baldwin County For The Use Of Electronic Vote Counting Machines
RS2021-13 Adopting 2021/2022 Annual Budget
RS2021-12 Donating Funds To The Perdido Beach Volunteer Fire Department (PBVFD)
RS2021-11 Elect and Appoint Steve Love Place #2
RS2021-10 Declaration Of State Of Emergency Hurricane Ida
RS2021-09 Adopting The 2021 Baldwin County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan
RS2021-08 Rescinding 2021-02 Ratifying the Use of Current Depository
RS2021-07 Rescinding RESOLUTION 2020-25 Confirm Appt of Town Clerk
RS2021-06 Support and Commitment for a Baldwin County Recycling Cooperative
RS2021-05 Rescinding RESOLUTION 2020-18 Adopting Transportation Plan
R2021-04 Rescinding Resolution 2017-05 As Amended and Adopting RS2021-04 Adopting Public Works Work Order Policy
R2021-03 Authorizing The Mayor To Enter Into A Professional Service Agreement With Ecological Consulting Service
R2021-02 Amending Resolution 2020-27 Ratifying The Use Of Current Depository And Authorizing Town Officials To Execute Financial Documents
R2021-01 Approval to renew a Fifty Thousand Dollar ($50,000) Revolving Line of Credit with Centennial Bank