2020 Resolutions

R2020-08 Authorizing the mayor to enter into a contract with Mr. Thomas Toombs to place rip rap across a portion of bay street at water
R2020-07 Approving funds to procure speed cushions for the town of Perdido Beach
R2020-06 Entering into and executing a contract with David’s lawn care services to perform row maintenance and mowing
R2020-05 Entering into Agreement with Baldwin County for the Use of Electronic Voting Machines
R2020-04 Local Declaration of State of Emergency Town of Perdido Beach AL
R2020-03 Repealing Resolution 2019-03 Setting Forth The Rules and Regulations For The Use of The Al Thompson Community Center.
R2020-02 Resolution 2020-02 approving funds to perform non-bid work for the town of Perdido Beach
R2020-01 Approving funds to perform non-bid work to aid in repair of bay avenue