2019 Resolutions

R-2019-09Donating funds to the Perdido Beach VFD
R-2019-08Adopting 2019-2020 annual budget
R-2019-07Contract with lucido engineering to compile a design plan to construct a boat launch and pier at state street
R-2019-06Resolution 2019-06 adopting transportation plan pursuant to the rebuild alabama act.
R-2019-05Resolution 2019-05 Authorizing the Mayor to Enter Into A Contract With Wetland Resources Environmental Consulting To Compile A Permit Application
R-2019-04Resolution setting forth the rules and regulations for the use of the al thompson community center
R-2019-03Approval to renew a fifty thousand dollar revolving line of credit with centennial bank
R-2019-02A resolution of the town of Perdido Beach opposing any action by the alabama legislature that would restrict
R-2019-01A resolution in support of protecting local control over public streets and public assets and a call on cong.