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Town of Perdido Beach

References and Links:  Planning & Zoning Commission Staff Report

Boat Ramp Details           Last Update:05/17/17

The Town Council appointed a Property Search Ad Hoc committee in 2012, charged with locating property for a boat ramp for the town.  In January the current council gave the Mayor the authority to purchase property on the corner of Tuscaloosa and State Street if all criteria were met.  Phase 1 is now complete property has been acquired.  Phase 2 is the design phase and will require engineering and construction plans.

  • Plans are not available since the design phase has not begun.
  • The Yupon Street boat ramp belongs to the county and they will not repair it.
  • Plans will be for a small community boat ramp with parking for approximately 6 vehicles and trailers and maximum of 6 car spaces.
  • Trash, traffic, no wake zone, and all environmental issues will have to be addressed in the design phase.
  • The possibility of a ramp for residents with a fee for non-residents will be explored.
  • The rezoning process has begun.
  • The Town Council shares all the concerns that have been brought to our attention and will work with the citizens and design engineer to minimize them. We welcome all positive solutions to the concerns presented and they will be considered.
  • This Council was elected with 4 major campaign promises and providing a boat ramp for our citizens is one of them.
  • This project is not funded by your tax money but with BP money set aside specifically to improve public access to water.
  • Corp of Engineers, ADEM, and Wetlands Resources have all been to the site.
  • Purchase was contingent on clear title, state certified appraisal, Level 1 Environmental study, and a Grass Bed study


Town of Perdido Beach
Planning & Zoning Commission Staff Report
Case No. PBZ-17001
Town of Perdido Beach Property
Rezone R-1, Single Family District to OR,  Outdoor Recreation District
Read Full Report Here  (This is a very large file and may take several minutes to download with slower internet speeds.)