Committee List

Town of Perdido Beach Committee Listing

Ad Hoc (1)
Purpose – Property Purchase/Boat Launch:  Search for property suitable for the construction of a boat launch facility to access Palmetto or Soldier Creek.
Kae Hamilton, Mayor  (Ex-offico Member of all Committees)
Ellen Leslie
Steve Love, Councilman
Glenna Smith
Ad Hoc (2) – Alabama Bicentennial Celebration
Purpose – Updates Pending 
Purpose – to plan, research and execute special projects that enhance the appearance and/or usability of public properties within town limits. 
Carol Badner
Ruth Bloxham
Pam Douglas
Kae Hamilton,Mayor
Ellen Leslie


Budget and Finance
Purpose – The Finance Committee assists the mayor in preparing the annual budget and supports the town council by investigating/proposing sources of revenue to meet anticipated/proposed spending.
Kae Hamilton, Mayor
Pam Kitchens ,Secretary
Ki Lagrone, Chair
Steve Love-Councilman
Ellen McDonald Leslie
Lynn Thompson
Building and Grounds
Purpose – to plan, research and execute the maintenance, upkeep and upgrade of buildings and property owned by the Town, not to include public rights-of-way.
Tom Bloxham, Chair
Henry Burkhardt
Larry Chapman
Kae Hamilton, Mayor
Gary Keifer, Councilman
John Lagrone
Communication    View Communications Plan
Purpose – Develop guidelines that will promote open two-way communications between the Town and its’ citizens.  Identify communication tools and methods of communications that will work best for the community. Develop a communications plan and strategies for implementation.
Tom Bloxham, Councilman
Steve Foster, Chair
Karen Gross
Kae Hamilton, Mayor
Patty Larsen, Secretary 


Public Safety
Purpose – to plan, research and execute projects that contribute to and enhance the safety of individuals and property within the Town and to purchase safety equipment and supplies needed for the day to day operations of the Town. 
Kae Hamilton, Mayor
Frank Hunter
Gary Kiefer, Councilman
Ellen Leslie, Chair
Bill McGrath
Tommy Resmondo
Ken Wright
Public Works
Purpose – to plan, research and execute the maintenance, upkeep and upgrade of public rights-of-way and public infrastructure, not to include private utilities. 
Oliver Guilford, Chair
Kae Hamilton, Mayor
Kimberly Hargrove, Secretary
John Lagrone
Ronnie Resmondo